Claudius Law Office – Legal Aid and Representation in Court Proceedings

To reach a satisfying compromise for both parties within a reasonable time, Claudius Law Office represents clients in both civil and administrative cases, arbitrary court as well as during pre-trial and court negotiations. We also provide consultation in all matters regarding execution proceedings and help start or finish execution proceedings. We prepare any necessary documents for you and carry out necessary operations.

Pursuant to The Constitution of the Republic of Estonia § 15 everyone whose rights and freedoms have been violated has the right of recourse to the courts. § 25 provides everyone's right to compensation for intangible as well as tangible harm that he or she has suffered because of the unlawful actions of any person.

On a daily basis Claudius Law Office is involved with:

  • § matters and proceedings related to civil proceeding;
  • § matters and proceedings related to administrative proceeding;
  • § matters and proceedings related to execution proceeding.

In addition, Claudius Law Office will attempt to resolve any other related concerns that the client may have. Our lawyer is always at the client’s disposal. Client’s confidentiality is paramount to us, disclosure of information to third parties will only be made if it is in the client’s best interests. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Claudius Law Office respects your right to privacy, we will process your personal details and information provided to us only in the extent necessary of giving you the best legal aid!