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Private law is the area of law, which governs relations between individuals by using the equality principle. Equality principle means, that in the legal justice system the parties of a legal dispute must be subject to equal rights. Private autonomy is mainly a person’s right to choose – the contracting party, the contents of the contract and the conditions under which the person will enter into contractual relations.

Private law consists of civil law, commercial law and employment law. Civil law is the most complex of the previous. All civil law acts are divided into five parts: the General Part of the Civil Code Act provides the main principles of civil law and constitutes a general part of family, succession, property and obligation rights. In professional literature the General Part of the Civil Code Act has also been referred as the constitution of private law.

Commercial law governs the establishment and activities of commercial enterprises including matters related to business names, trademarks, banking, advertising, competition, stocks, insurance, accountancy, insolvency, commercial marine navigation and lots of other economic activity matters. Commercial law is divided into: rights of companies, competition rights, bankruptcy rights, stock exchange trading rights.

Employment law governs the relations between an employer and the employee, mostly relations arising from employment contracts.

Public law is a field of law governing the activities of the states and the relationships between individuals and the states. Constitutional rights, administrative rights and penal rights make up for the main parts of public law.

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