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Claudius Law office advises clients in all areas of company law. We assist you in establishment, termination, merger, division and alteration of various forms of companies. We prepare for our clients any necessary contracts and documents, represent before private and corporate bodies, authorities and courts. We advise you in matters regarding business management and upon request carry out various legal trainings for both your management and paid employees. For a starting entrepreneur we have developed legal assistance packages. We guide startupers on their way to their goals and partner with them in legal matters.

Company law is one of the most topical legal areas after the restoration of Estonia's independence, thus legal aspects of establishing new companies are still in the development stage. A good business idea is not sufficient enough to establish a company, you must analyse the legal aspects that go hand in hand with establishment, development and management of a company.

Pursuant to The Constitution of the Republic of Estonia § 31 citizens of Estonia have the right to engage in entrepreneurial activity and to form commercial associations and federations. Unless otherwise provided by law, citizens of foreign states and stateless persons in Estonian territory enjoy this right equally with citizens of Estonia.

Claudius Law Office will assist you in the following matters:

  • § legal audit;
  • § general matters of company law – entrepreneur, activities and forms of companies;
  • § definition of business name – usage and protection, transfer and distinctiveness of business name, restrictions on choice of business name;
  • § choosing the legal form of company;
  • § sole proprietors;
  • § group, procurement, prohibition on competition, business secret;
  • § auditing and special control;
  • § registrations and licences regarding various business areas;
  • § acts related to the business register;
  • § establishment, termination, division or transformation of the company;
  • § merger of companies;
  • § relations between partners and shareholders;
  • § management of a company;
  • § articles of association, memorandum of association, various applications, protocols and contracts;
  • § company downpayments;
  • § disbursements from a company, distribution of assets during liquidation proceedings, distribution of profit;
  • § reimbursements – from departure of company, merger, division and transformation of the company;
  • § share transfer, pledge, and transfer to successor;
  • § share subscription, transfer, pledging and transfer to successor;
  • § rights and duties of partners including competency and responsibility, shareholders, member of the supervisory board and management;
  • § remuneration of management and board members;
  • § business meeting – annual and special;
  • § takeover of shares, increase of share capital;
  • § loans and prohibited loans;
  • § legal reserve;
  • § securities in business management – surety, preliminary deposit, contractual penalty, acknowledgement of obligation, reservation of ownership, mortgage and other pledge rights;
  • § trading income taxes and tax disputes;
  • § bankruptcy and sanitation;
  • § company liquidation;
  • § matters and proceedings concerning international business law and business management.

In addition, Claudius Law Office will attempt to resolve any other related concerns that the client may have. Our lawyer is always at the client’s disposal. Your confidentiality is paramount to us, disclosure of information to third parties will only be made if it is in the client’s best interests. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Legal audit

The lawyers of Claudius law office will conduct an audit in your organisation (or in various associations and cooperatives) to ascertain whether your business activity and management is organized in accordance with both national and European Union laws. For example, the legal auditing will analyse managements' working arrangements (agreements between partners and shareholders, various management's decisions), various work relations (contracts with employees), as well as verify that company's details in the mandatory registers are accurate and relevant. If necessary other essential matters will be analysed as well. Legal audit will provide you with an overview of the shortcomings and highlights practical suggestions to prevent them.

Legal audit will be performed in a manner, which won’t interfere with your current work arrangement and rhythm. As a result of the legal audit, a report will be completed and if needed or required, the lawyer of Claudius Law Office will review the audit with the client and explain the content of the audit. Legal auditing will be performed by lawyers with the necessary qualification and experience.

For additional questions or if you wish to conduct an audit in your company or organization, please contact us our lawyer through the contact form, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (+372) 53 477 636.

Legal aid packages for entrepreneurs

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