Legal Aid from a Value Driven Law Office

Claudius Law Office has been established to provide legal aid in the most common legal matters, from consultation to representation in court. To further ease our client’s daily life we provide fast, money saving service through the Internet (Skype, e-mail, e-files or similar). If necessary or requested so by the client, the lawyer of Claudius Law Office will meet up with the Client at a location convenient for both.

Clients of Claudius Law Office are natural persons, entrepreneurs as well as various local or international institutions. Our lawyers advise clients everywhere in Estonia, furthermore, we provide legal aid for clients who reside overseas. In addition to Estonian, Claudius provides legal aid in Russian and English.

On a daily basis, Claudius Law Office works with notaries, bailiffs, state institutions and other private or public instances.

All employees of Claudius Law Office are professionally educated, possess a wide horizon and are open-minded. Our team members consistently improve themselves with trainings and developments in all levels. A minimum prerequisite to working in Claudius Law Office is state acknowledged master’s degree or equivalent received in a foreign country.

The goal of Claudius Law Office is to provide customers with the opportunity to protect their rights deriving from the law and contribute to creating a society built on civility, justice and comprehensive security. Claudius Law Office has a high regard for ethical behaviour and other values, which are based on humane community models.

Our clients deserve the best service and legal aid possible, thus in a manner that has been adjusted to client’s individual needs. We believe life should be simple and free of worry.

Who was Claudius?

The name Claudius originates from ancient Roman emperor Tiberius Claudius Drusus Caesar (birth name Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus), who administrated the country in 41 pKr – 54 pKr. History knows Claudius as a person with poor health, which is why many considered him to be mentally disabled. Despite his health issues, Claudius became the emperor who practiced as a judge as well. Claudius laid the foundation for a court reform to create legal securities for the weak and unprotected.

Claudius Law Office as a social enterprise

As for one ambition, Claudius Law Office wants to contribute to two of society’s major concerns, which are close to their hearts: helping in creating a society based on civility, justice and comprehensive security and changing the social attitudes towards disabled people by offering skills a highly valued work with a fair pay for the ones with suitable qualification. In cooperation with public and third sector, this will encourage special needs young people towards gaining a law degree. One of our slogans is: Justice is not disabled.

Our vision

To become Estonia’s most client and employee friendly private law office by 2022.

Our mission

To offer legal aid in a flexible manner, combined with quality, speed and affordable prices, enable disabled people with a suitable degree to perform highly valued work with a fair pay and further society’s trust towards a company with disabled employees.

In addition, we would like to support young future lawyers in their professional studies by offering them a chance to get an internship in the law office where they could gain the required knowledge, skills, proficiencies, views and values.

Values of Claudius Law Office

  • § Quality. Company’s team comprises of members who possess a wide-horizon, are open-minded and highly qualified and who constantly develop themselves by gaining new skills and knowledge. Quality is further guaranteed through our diligence, determination, thoroughness, and wide range of professional knowledge. We perform our work with dedication and believe in what we do. We’re ready to take on responsibility!
  • § Confidentiality. We don’t disclose information provided to us by clients or partners to third persons, unless with their consent or if required so by the law.
  • § Loyalty. In the course of representing a client and performing other related duties, we don’t engage into any activities that might in any way jeopardize clients’ interests.
  • § Flexibility. We take into consideration the different needs of our clients and take an individual approach to their situation.
  • § Speed. We will begin proceeding with the matter immediately. For us „reasonable time“ is today, not tomorrow!
  • § Affordable. In most cases Claudius Law Office provides legal aid via Internet, thus office rental costs are not reflected in the service price.
  • § Convenience. We provide legal aid worldwide, irrespective of the client’s location. If necessary or requested so by the client, the lawyer of Claudius Law Office will meet with the client at his or her place of activity.
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