Legal aid from Claudius Law Office – contracts, debt recovery, damage compensation, expedited procedures of payment order, breach of contract and implementation of various legal remedies

Claudius Law Office will assist you in all areas of obligation and contract laws. We prepare the necessary contracts and documents; represent before courts, persons, organizations and authorities involved; perform necessary operations; recover debts; file claims for compensation of damage and apply legal remedies in a breach of contract.

We review all contracts you enter into and help understand their terms and conditions, we guide you on how to reduce or preclude the risks, that you would engage yourself with if you enter into those contracts. We have developed legal aid packages for entrepreneurs and partner them in resolving their legal matters.

Law of obligations is an area of law governing obligations. An obligation is a legal relationship which gives rise to the obligation of one person (obligated person or obligor) to perform an act or omission (neglect to perform) to benefit another person (entitled person or obligee), and to the right of the obligee to demand the obligor perform the obligation. An obligation may arise from a contract, unlawful damage, unjustified enrichment, negotiorum gestio (acting without authorisation), a public promise to pay, other bases provided by law.

Law of contracts is a significant part of right of obligations, which is governed by general and special part of law of obligations. The general part governs mostly conditions related to entering into contracts, their validity, amendment and termination, including pre-contractual negotiations, the quality of performance of contracts and legal remedies in breach of contract. The special part also provides different forms of contracts and non-contractual obligations such as a public promise to pay, presentation of a thing, negotiorum gestio, unjustified enrichment, unlawful damage.

Claudius Law Office will assist you in the following matters:

  • § general matters of obligations and contracts law – legal relationship, transaction and contract;
  • § general matters of obligations and contract law – the form of transaction (contract);
  • § general matters of obligations and contract law – entering into a contract;
  • § general matters of obligations and contract law – principles of party autonomy, good faith and reasonability;
  • § invalidity and revocation of contract;
  • § validity, alteration and termination of contract;
  • § extinguishment of contractual obligation;
  • § interpretation of a contract;
  • § precontractual negotiations;
  • § acknowledgement of debt, written confirmation, preliminary contract;
  • § general conditions – their nature, interpretation, rendering them void;
  • § debtor and defending a debtor, responding to creditors, limitation period, application to reduce interest, debt counselling;
  • § right of recourse between solitary debtors;
  • § recovery and assignment of debts;
  • § conciliation procedure;
  • § performance of an obligation and quality of performance of an obligation;
  • § transfer of obligations;
  • § takeover of a contract and transfer of company;
  • § interest regarding obligations;
  • § receipt of performance, return of a debt instrument, security;
  • § breach of obligation and legal remedies;
  • § compensation for damage;
  • § withdrawal from contract and cancellation of contract;
  • § set-off and an declaration of set-off;
  • § surety and objections of a guarantor;
  • § warranty;
  • § preliminary deposit;
  • § claiming and reducing preliminary deposit;
  • § reservation of ownership;
  • § a public promise to pay;
  • § presenting a thing;
  • § negotiorum gestio (acting without authorisation);
  • § a public promise to pay;
  • § unlawful enrichment;
  • § transfers of deed – contract of sale, barter agreement, factoring contract and gratuitous contract;
  • § contracts for use – lease contract, commercial lease contract, lease contract, licence agreement, franchise contract, contract relating to right to use a building on timeshare basis, long-term holiday product contract, definition of agency agreement and exchange system contract, contract of loan for use, loan agreement, credit agreement;
  • § insurance contracts, non-life insurance, life insurance, accident insurance and health insurance;
  • § support contracts – life annuity and maintenance contract;
  • § compromise contract;
  • § contract of partnership;
  • § contracts for provision of services - authorisation agreement, contract for services, brokerage contract, agency contract, contract of commission, payment order, settlement contract, contract for provision of health services, contract of carriage, forwarding contract, contract of commission, package travel contract and deposit contract;
  • § stocks;
  • § bankruptcy and bankruptcy of an obligor who is a natural person;
  • § transformation of debts;
  • § matters and acts regarding international obligations and contracts law.


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