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Claudius Law Office provides legal aid in all the main areas of succession. We prepare for our clients any necessary documentation for the process, provide representation in court as well as legal individuals and organizations.

By its very nature inheritance law affects all of us, it covers legal issues such as the bequeather’s intention regarding the will, formalising bequeather’s intention, bases and the process of inheriting. Pursuant to The Constitution of the Republic of Estonia § 32 everyone has the right to freedom from interference in possessing or using his or her property or making dispositions regarding the same.

Claudius Law Office will help you with the following matters:

    • § exemptions arising from the time of death of a bequeather;
    • § general matters of succession – succession and bequeather;
    • successor;
    • § opening of succession and transfer of estate to successor;
    • § succession capacity and unworthiness to succeed;
    • § intestate succession;
    • § testate succession;
    • § notarial and domestic will;
    • § legacy and support as legacy;
    • § testamentary obligation;
    • § testamentary direction;
    • § revoking a will;
    • § reciprocal will of spouses;
    • § succession contract;
    • § succession of compulsory portion;
    • § the measures for management of an estate;
    • § acceptance of the succession;
    • § increase in share of estate on basis of right of accretion;
    • § rights and obligations of successor, liability for the obligations of the bequeather;
    • § co-successors;
    • § division of estate;
    • § provisional succession;
    • § succession proceedings at notary;
    • § revocation of succession certificate or other certificate;
    • § succession register and procedures related to succession register;
    • § international succession.


In addition, Claudius Law Office will try to solve your other major concerns. To better serve you don’t hesitate to contact our lawyer! Claudius Law Office will respect your right to privacy and will only process information provided to us in the extent necessary to provide you with the best legal aid.

Exemptions arising from the time of death of a bequeather

Estonian succession law effective from January the 1st 2009, replaced the active acceptance system to renunciation system. This means if a person entitled to inherit (hereinafter the successor) hasn’t submitted an application for acceptance of the succession to the notary within the term required by the law he shall be deemed to have accepted the succession.

Thus, it is no longer required to present an application to become a successor. Yet, if a successor wishes to renounce a succession, an application to renounce a succession must be submitted to the notary. Notarial proceedings will also be required to re-register items in the register and to obtain money from bequeather’s bank account.

The current succession law, effective from January 2009, applies for individuals, who have deceased on the 1st of January or after. The previous law applies for individuals who were deceased before January the 1st. Thus, in order to inherit from individuals, who were deceased earlier, an application must be submitted to the notary.

The notary process is made quite easy for successors - the e-Notary system is connected to the Population Register and thus it is no longer required to present birth, death and marriage certificates on paper. Documents are required for proof only if the population register doesn’t contain data about blood relationships. Same goes for real estate and information contained in the Land Register. If a successor doesn’t have any knowledge of a will, notaries can obtain information from the Succession Register.

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