Conditions of Providing Legal Aid and Price List of Legal Services

Claudius Law Office has been established to provide legal aid in the most common legal matters, from consultation to representation in court. To further ease our client’s daily life we provide fast, money saving service through the Internet (Skype, e-mail, e-files or similar). Clients contact us through our website contact form, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling (+372) 53 477 636. If necessary or requested so by the client, the lawyer of Claudius Law Office will meet up with the client at a location convenient for both.

For best legal service check out the following:

  • General conditions of providing legal aid
  • Price list of legal services
  • Payment conditions of legal services
  • NEW! As an option Claudius Law Office now offers installment payments! Don’t be afraid to ask! Contact us through our contact form, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling (+372) 53 477 636.

General conditions of providing legal aid

§ Claudius Law Office is an Internet-based law office. Modern technical solutions enable us to provide fast, affordable and convenient legal aid by e-mail and Skype, thus the client’s current location, personal residence or place of activity is irrelevant. This is how our lawyers work all around Estonia, we also render legal aid for those, who reside overseas. Additionally, we find a solution for clients, who prefer the traditional ways of meeting and forwarding documents.

§ If it’s your initial contact with us, we suggest you to use e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In your e-mail please describe as precisely as possible what has happened to you and/or what you need our help with. Make sure to add your first and last name and contact details. We will answer to your request as soon as possible. In our reply we will provide you with solutions for the matter, give our cost estimate for the services and guidelines of further cooperation.

§ Rendering legal aid via e-mail and Skype basically means, that the lawyers of Claudius Law Office interact with their clients, different parties, court and other institutions mainly through the means of e-mail, e-files and Skype. The client forwards the necessary documents and information by e-mail or Skype. In case the client doesn’t have access to those means, a time and meeting place will be set up with the client and documents will be handed over in person.

§ When contacting Claudius Law Office through the contact form, please fill out all entries and make sure to add your first and last name plus contacts. Just like reaching us via e-mail and Skype, you will be contacted as soon as possible, we will provide you with possible solutions, a cost estimate of our services and guidelines for further cooperation.

§ Claudius Law Office does not provide legal aid by phone, except when forwarding information to contractual clients or if such agreement has been made individually. In our first conversation we will give further instructions on how to proceed with the matter or schedule a meeting. By phone we will only provide general information regarding our services, work arrangements or similar.

§ Claudius Law Office can be reached by regular or mobile phone. Furhermore, we have some good news for our clients – we can also be reached through the means of such modern solutions like SkypeThis way you’ll save money in operator costs.

§ Claudius Law Office is responsible of keep 5 minute accuracy when accounting work or related activities.

§ The lawyer of Claudius Law Office will begin work after full receival of the prepayment to the bank account or the amount shown on the invoice, unless agreed otherwise.

§ Required information for entering into a contract agreement will be forwarded by e-mail.

Price list of legal services

Pricing reflects the nature, complexity (specificity) and volume of work included in the provided service.

  • Initial consultation and document assessment – 100 Euros an hour*
  • The following conversation and document assessment – from 110 Euros an hour
  • Consultation via Skype - 100 Euros an hour*
  • Drafting statement of claims, contracts and other documents – from 110 Euros an hour**
  • Representation in court, public office, negotiations – from 110 Euros an hour
  • Consultation and document assessment, representation in court in family matters (maintenance, custody, right of access to child) - 110 Euros an hour*
  • Establishing a company or other association – from 450 Euros***
  • Business address (legal address hosting) – from 24 Euros an month****
  • Legal audit – from 110 Euros an hour
  • Other legal consultation or conducting legal operations – from 110 Euros an hour
  • Driving costs – 30 Euro cents per kilometre
  • Time of travel – 110 Euros an hour
  • Conducting legal trainings – 110 an hour

In the event the client gives information needed for the provision of the services less than three (3) business days before a deadline, the standard hourly fee will be multiplied by 1.5. If the client requiers the services to be rendered outside normal office hours (Mon-Fri 08.00 – 18.00) or weekends and national holidays the standard fee will be multiplied by 2. Rush order (finished in 24 hours) costs three (3) times the hourly fee.

NB! Prices don’t include value added tax 20%.

* Our goal is to bring satysfing and affordable results to clients.

** Minimal fee for preparing a contract and a statement of claim is 270 Euros.

*** State and notary fees or other such costs will be added.

**** Without mail processing.

Payment conditions of the legal services

§ After initial consultation (during which we will examine the nature of the matter, client will be provided with procedures to settle the dispute and initial cost evaluation plus a potential service deadline), if desired, a client agreement will be entered into between Claudius Law Office and the client. All invoices will be provided pursuant to the client agreement or as agreed individually.

§ The invoice shall be paid no later than on the payment date shown on the invoice. The payment date will be set according to the nature of the legal service, taking into account client’s wishes. If Claudius Law Office and client agree to a prepayment, the amount shall be at least half of the amount shown in the price list. The budget is not binding for the lawyer, but he or she must inform the client if it exceeds the agreed amount.

§ In the event where the assignment requires more than a month to fulfil, Claudius Law Office will present monthly itemized statements of services provided for the client by tenth (10) day of each month. Statements include fees and costs incurred the previous month.

§ With a written consent client shall reimburse Claudius Law Office for all expenses incurred in the course of client’s representation, including state and notary fees, travel and transport, expert advise, the use of technical appliances and other necessary expenses.

§ Unless agreed otherwise, the initial consultation fee must be paid before consultation.

§ Late fee for non-payment is 0.2% a day from the amount still to be paid, transaction date included.

§ In special circumstances, Claudius Law Office enables installment payments provided, that client has not delayed payments to other comanies or individuals.. In such event, Claudius Law Office will check out the client’s relevant background information from the Estonian Credit Register or other databases before making the final decision. Client is still required to make the down payment, if not agreed otherwise.

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